Gamerillaz Exclusive: Kinect For Kids – Full Report | Gamerillaz

Gamerillaz Exclusive: Kinect For Kids – Full Report

Gamerillaz Exclusive: Kinect For Kids – Full Report
Morphing in to a Disney-Pixar character, lightsaber battles with Darth Vader, coconut throwing with the Cookie Monster and topical/insightful trade war chats with R2D2 over frappuccino! Step away from the funny smoke I hear you say but this was in fact all very real and just a teaser of our Gamerillaz day out in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin for the Kinect for Kids extravaganza.
Gamerillaz were invited along to test out upcoming and currently on sale Kinect titles: Kinect Rush, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Sesame St. Kinect National Geographic, Kinectimals Bears and wait for it… Kinect Star Wars!!


No prizes for guessing which one caught our monkey eyes first, especially considering that we were welcomed along to the event by none other than R2D2 himself. It would have been rude not to jump straight in to Kinect Star Wars for a spot of light saber duelling. First impressions were very positive as we pod raced our way through the various gameplay modes. Yet it was the dance off (yes I said dance off)  with Hans Solo and Lando Calrissian that seemed to get the attendees all in a stir!

Next up was a full walkthrough of Kinect Rush deftly guided by the very friendly and likeable David Dedeine CCO and Co-Founder of Asobo Studio. We monkeyed about with Toy Story, Ratatoulille, The Incredibles, Up and Cars. Bubbles even managed to get his very own Disney- Pixar avatar (how cool is that!). Watch out for this one as we reckon it’s going to be a huge title for Kinect, very smooth use of the device, original character voice-overs and easily accessible for the baby monkeys out there.

As we moved around the room we noticed how much fun everyone was having even though the average age in attendance was definitely not the target audience of Kinect for Kids. Hiijinks was had at the Sesame St. stand where Mighty Joe Young was completely blown away by the word of the day and Bubbles had the laughs giving Kinect a good ram as an Antelope on National Geographic! As the bus load of kids arrived it was time for the big kids to exit stage left but not before remarking how the little mites reacted to what was on offer. They were completely blown away! Which is really what this whole day was about.

Enjoy our full video report of the event here on Gamerillaz TV and don’t forget to stop by the picture hut!

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