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SoulCalibur V – Balance Update and New DLC Trailer

SoulCalibur V – Balance Update and New DLC Trailer

Balance is very, very important in life. Take the tale of the child and the fat man for instance. Our two protagonists sit on either end of a seesaw and I know what your thinking, the child is surely catapulted into the air like a stone hurdled from a medieval siege engine. Nope, what actually happens is that large gentlemen is in fact thrown from the seesaw into the swing-set near by, maiming several teenagers out of their minds on cheap cider and hormones in the process. The reason for this is that every child has a dieing sun in their chests and at it’s core a lump of dense metal. Trust me I know about these things, I’m a doctor.

As I have demonstrated balance is vital and nowhere more so than in a beat-em-up. SoulCalibur V will be receiving an update to address some of the equilibrium issues which have appeared since the games release, which will be good news for all of you whom have made yourself horse shouting OP’d at your opponents.

There will also be some DLC for you to have a look at over the next few weeks and this new trailer shows of what you can expect to see. We’ll be sure to bring you the prices for these addon’s as soon as they have been confirmed.

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