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SimCity 5 – Maxis Reveals New Glassbox Engine

SimCity 5 – Maxis Reveals New Glassbox Engine

When Maxis confirmed that SimCity will return next year, I immediately began my preparations to be able to fit this time thieving game into my life. I have drafted my resignation letter as I will have no time to do anything else, built a ‘SimCity Bunker’ in the back-garden complete with internet connection, running water and toilet and have stocked it with microwave meals and takeaway menus. I have done all of this based on seeing a short announcement trailer and after looking at this new video showing off the engine behind the game, I get the feeling I may have to go further than already have. Possibly cutting out food altogether and take on nutrients via some kind of osmosis system may be the way to go.

Although this video does not contain the final graphics that will feature in the game, this should be enough to give you an idea of what makes the SimCity titles so immersive.

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