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Baldur’s Gate 3 is The Ultimate Goal For Beamdog

Baldur’s Gate 3 is The Ultimate Goal For Beamdog

When word spread last week regarding some new Baldur’s Gate news every nerd-a-linga around the globe found themselves with a RPG chubby. Alas, what we really wanted to hear, the release of a third game in the series, was not to be. Beamdog were not being complete pr*ck-teasers though as they announced they are producing enhanced editions of BG 1 & 2.

So will we ever see Baldur’s Gate 3? Possibly. Cameron Tofer who heads up the R&D team over at Beamdog and Overhaul recently confirmed this is the long term goal for the companies and after the success of the Gilbert/Schafer Kickstarter project, they may even adopt a similar tactic when it comes to funding the games development:

“So currently there is no such project but that’s the one we want to do. Our thoughts have been that Enhanced Edition for BG 1 and 2 just make sense before there’s any Baldur’s Gate 3″

“We’re totally thinking Kickstarter. It just makes so much sense and solves so many problems.”

The new editions of the Baldur’s Gate titles are to include all expansion packs as well new story-lines and quests. That should be enough to keep us going until some BG 3 news arrives, hopefully in the not to distant future.

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