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The Top 5 Irish Dudes in Video Games.

The Top 5 Irish Dudes in Video Games.

Happy St. Patrick’s day to you all, what a dude he was eh. Best pest controller we ever had here in Éire, got rid of every goddamn snake – wow. Nowadays we celebrate this snake liberation with drink and parades. Is there a better way I ask you? I do suggest you get the ‘cure’ ready for the next day before you start poisoning yourself in the most joyous of ways. I know that the crew here at Gamerillaz will be swinging from the trees and as drunk as an alcho in a brewery – pretty much another day at the office really, but we will wear more green than usual for the day. Much ‘Paddywhackery’ (as we here in the emerald Isle call it) is perpetrated in video games, which is fine I guess – if they could just get our friggin accents right! Don’t even get me started on Irish accents in movies – Arg. Regardless, we Irish are great at three things – taking the piss out of ourselves, getting pissed and leaving our homeland, usually all at once. So lets get our beer goggles on and have a look at the top five lesser recognized video game characters that we have exported into the world to represent this small but massively influential little island – usually badly. There are many to choose from, that dude in Saboteur, Atlas from BioShock the typical ones you will see on most other sites. But we like to be different so we chose a few that nobody has really picked out. Hope you enjoy and try not get to Pissed – that’s our Job. If anyone mentions Leprechauns I’ll bash them severely with my blackthorn stick and bury them under my stone wall outside before I go for a Guinness – I just hate stereotypes.


  N0. 5 – Assassins creed II – Darby O’Callahan aka Brother O’Callahan

The only paddy to ever grace the series so far – Brother O’Callahan gives Ezio some info on another Priest that the Italian stallion cant wait to stick it to – I mean kill. This impoverished and oddly sober holy man is a pretty accurate representation of an Irish Monk with a decent accent, he even looks Irish. Just keep him away from your kids…


 No. 4 – Red Dead Redemption – Irish

Rockstar did a real job on us paddies with their character ‘Irish’ – not Paddy or Jimmy or Séan – ‘Irish’! Im sure he had a proper name once but he probably forgot due to his wet brain. Constantly drunk and a bit of a scoundrel not to mention he was a thieving, backstabbing cheat as well. Paddywhackery at its best but at least the accent was fairly solid. I believe that he accidentally shot himself when drunk and died pissing his pants according to the ‘Blackwater Ledger’ in the game. Our hero he aint! Funny fecker though.

No. 3 – Fallout 3 – James

Ah Ha! Many of you probably thought I was going to pick the dirty, swindling, bar owner Colin Moriarty – but no. Instead Im thinking of your Dad in the game – the Doc – James, yep, he is Irish. See we can be sober and smart too. He is voiced by Liam Neeson – who is Irish and by proxy makes the character Daddy James a Paddy. This means also that you, as his son are at least half Irish. Ha! Now you can say to the wastelanders “Would ya like some Irish in ya as well luv” but chances are you will have to shoot them soon after.


No. 2 – L.A. Noir - Captain James Donnelly.

Now here’s a true representation of an Irish man abroad. A tough ass cop with a taste four getting things done lawfully or otherwise. Voiced and modeled on the real life Irish actor ‘Andrew Connolly‘. This hard as nails Los Angels Police Captain takes no prisoners and always has a witty retort. Likable guy – if you don’t have to work for him!



No.1 – Halo Games – The Banshee

Ok, so its not strictly a person, nor would it be a dude if it were one but it is one of the best know gaming terms with an Irish name. The Banshee is a mythical old witch/ghost figure that foretells the death of a loved one. To hear her cry is said to be bone-shivering. I think you can probably spot one every Saturday night here in Dublin, usually sitting on the side of a curb in a short skirt, mascara running down her cheeks and wipeing barf off her chin while whaling – its a sight I can tell you! Anyway the ‘Banshee’ from Halo is a great vehicle and like the girl on the foot path – good for a fun ride. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

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