Cheap as Chimps - 16th March 2012 | Gamerillaz

Cheap as Chimps – 16th March 2012

Cheap as Chimps – 16th March 2012

It’s the day before (or in truth a few hours before) we primates start our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Yes that does consist mainly of drink pints. Lots of pints. Yet before we head off to our favourite taverns we’ve just enough time to bring you this weeks best gaming prices from around the internet. This weeks deals include, zomboo’s, mad Victorian girls and eye hemorrhaging shooter action.


Yakuza: Dead Souls; at

PS3 – £27.99/$44.00/€33.64

Our pick of this new releases this week is John Woo does zombies. That’s kind of what we have here and if you ask me that sounds like a go’er if I’ve ever heard one. Fans of the long running Yakuza series on the Playstation systems will well be aware with the criminal setting of these titles and this latest addition to the franchise takes all of the Japanese gangster vibe and adds a shed load of the undead. Marvellous we say. As you witness the outbreak of people going all brain eat-y in the Red Light district of Tokyo (hmmm, sexy zombie hookers) you and your underworld chums take a stand to drive back the abominations that threaten your empire of crime. With an arsenal of weapons at your disposal including everything from sniper rifles to bulldozers, this title holds the promise of being an enjoyable title that will tickle your funny bone as well as satisfy your bloody cravings.


Alice: Madness Returns; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £12.81/$20.13/€15.40

It’s one those tales that lingers in the thought valves of everyone who heard this yarn from Lewis Carroll as a child and as we have all gotten older (for that is how time works) some of us have made this silly, joyful romp into something far, far darker. The sequel to the PC classic America McGee’s Alice which truly set the bench mark for dragging our blonde heroine into the gothic, received high praise upon it’s release last year for it’s blending of various level styles and gameplay all of which bundled up inside the madness of a very different vision of Wonderland. If you’re the type of sick-o whom enjoys nothing more than twisting your childhood memories into nightmarish alternatives and loves a platformer, then you can’t go wrong with this one. The Disney movie this is not.


Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies; at

Wii – £8.87/$13.95/€10.68

If your looking for a game which gives you a true challenge this title is well worth a look. The original Sin and Punishment was released on the N64, however only in Japan, (you can get it via the Virtual Console now) was a massive hit. Successor of the Skies has some truly brilliant graphics hurtling at you at over 60 frame rates per second which may lead to you dying every now and again as you stare gormlessly at some of the animation. The most fun comes from the two player feature, which increases the challenge even further. Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies takes the arcade shooter into the 21st Century and is a game that all Wii owners should have in their collection.


Gamerillaz Top Pick Offer of The Week

Gamestop Collector’s Edition Round-up

If you have a little extract cash to splash this weekend why not pick up some of those Collector’s Editions of your favourite titles which you may have missed out on. Granted most of those available in this round-up are still priced at a fair old chunk of change, but there are some bargains to be had such as the Warhammer epic Dawn of War II for £7.97/$12.53/€9.59.

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