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PSN – Security Experts Tracking Staff and User Behaviour

PSN – Security Experts Tracking Staff and User Behaviour

Brett Wahlin used to be McAfee’s Chief Security bloke, but recently made the move to aid Sony in making their network more secure and after last years security breaches there is nothing wrong with that. Here’s how he outlined his plan of action:

“The types of attacks we see are by groups with social agendas,” he said, referring to the0 ‘hactavist’ group known as Anonymous. “The methods they use aren’t the same as the state-sponsored guys”

“The strategy combines social engineering psychology with data analytics and user education, using Wahlin’s counter-intelligence, FBI-inspired human behaviour profiling methods and advanced fraud detection systems,” he explains. We are looking to see if there are there key elements within a person’s interaction with their environment. That could be interaction with badging systems, with telephones – when and who do they call- and with systems like browser habits and applications used. All these things allow us to set up a pattern for users, so when something different happens we can respond”

Now, before you call for your lucky Stoning Hat, don’t panic. There is a lot of hubbub at the moment with the likes of Google casting it’s beady eye over your internet antics in order to flog you any old tut via it’s advert system, but this isn’t the same thing. Effectively this is exactly the same thing that happens when you use a credit or debit card and helps to protect you against fraud, so worry not, Sony have no interest in if your looking at “naughty pictures” of ladies and gentlemen giving each other “special hugs”.

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