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GAME Begin Massive Pre-Owned Sale

GAME Begin Massive Pre-Owned Sale

Right chaps lets rattle though this one quickly as I’m sure you’ll be like me and be wanting to hightail it over to the GAME website ASAP after reading this.

The troubled retailer is flogging some of it pre-owned stock for pennies and I literally mean pennies. We have listed some of the titles below and granted most of them are a few years old now, but Killzone 2 is going for 49p. We’ll have some of that. Here is the list of what we’ve found so far:

 Xbox 360

•Stranglehold 98p
•Top Spin 3 £1.98
•Guitar Hero 3 £1.98
•Too Human £1.98
•Gears of War 2 £1.98
•Forza 3 £1.98
•Halo 3 (classics) £1.98
•Alone in the Dark £1.98
•Kane and Lynch 2 £1.98
•Bulletstorm £2.98
•Brink £2.98


•Resistance: Fall of Man 98p
•Fifa 11 98p
•Fight Night 3 £1.98p
•Fallout 3 £1.98
•Tom Clancy’s HAWX £1.98
•F1 Championship Edition £1.98p
•Resistance 2 £2.98

We are also hearing that individual stores will start their own sell offs pretty soon, so once you had a look around the site it may very well be worth getting your bottom down to your local store. What are you still reading this for? Go! Now!

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