Diabolical Pitch - First Trailer and Release Date | Gamerillaz

Diabolical Pitch – First Trailer and Release Date

Diabolical Pitch – First Trailer and Release Date

We’ve never really been in love with Kinect. The only good thing we’ve found you can do with it is get massively drunk before having a go at a game that uses Mircosoft’s arm flapping system. With Sir Peter of Bullfrog Molyneux on the stump this week at GDC praising Kinect ahead of the release of Fable: The Journey, another big hitting developer has shown off their latest outing which will use the system.

Suda51′s Diabolical Pitch has had it’s first trailer release and erm, well, we can say we’re exactly blown away by it. Of course with it being a Grasshopper Manufacture game it is suitably mental, but not the good kind of mental. It’s more loon on the bus than amusing crazy.

If throwing baseballs at odd looking enemies is your type of thing though, you’ll be able to step up to the plate from the 4th of April when the game arrives on Xbox Live Arcade.

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