I Would Go Out Tonight But I Haven't Got a Pixel to Wear | Gamerillaz

I Would Go Out Tonight But I Haven’t Got a Pixel to Wear

I Would Go Out Tonight But I Haven’t Got a Pixel to Wear

We are cultured bunch of primates in the GZ Treehouse. Honestly, we are. We don’t spend all day working out different jokes involving monkey poo and peanuts you know. Our artistic bents (stop it) are wide and long and while most of my chimp brethren like nothing more to be ‘moshing’ around to some overly loud whinging American rock, I can often be found locked in my office gracefully swinging my hips and waving a Gladioli above my head to a bit of Moz.

What better thing could you combine then that old school gaming and a bit of The Smiths I ask you? Here is there hit single of 1983 as you’ve never heard it before. Excuse me won’t you, I must go and find my hearing aid.

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