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Fable: The Journey – Release Date and New Screenshots

Fable: The Journey – Release Date and New Screenshots

2011′s E3 turned out to be a damp squib all in all. There was one major highlight for me though and that was Peter “Act 5, Scene 5 from Macbeth” Molyneux’s shocking demo for Fable: The Journey. After just about everyone on the face of the planet (including as yet undiscovered tribes in the Amazon rain forest) thought what they had seen was yet another poor looking Kinect title that was on the rails, Peter graciously informed us that we were quite mistaken and that our eyes are nothing but filthy disgusting liars.

So after rounding up some gaming hacks and having them sign a whiteboard confirming that our light detecting organs were in fact traitors that should be put on trial and then executed, how did Sir Peter of Bullfrog explain his cock up?

“If Dimitri doing the demo had had to navigate from one position to another, one, it would have extended the demo to four minutes from two minutes, and two, it would be slightly confusing.”

Ah indeed, I have that kind of problem all the time. An additional two minutes of anything often sends me into a information overload coma.

Xbox.com have published a release date for Fable: The Journey as Lionhead release a new set of screens for the title which will arrive on the 4th of September this year. Have a look at them, but remember not to trust what your seeing. You may very well think your looking at Fable but in fact this could be a collection of pictures showing an artichoke dressed as Diana Ross. Damn you eyes!

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