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Forza 4 – Pirelli Car Pack Detailed

Forza 4 – Pirelli Car Pack Detailed

Our motoring expert Clyde has gone out on a banana run, or at least I hope that’s where he has gone. He had that steely glint in his eye that he normally has when planning an attack on another tribe of chimps. Not that we’re worried about him you understand, it just means I have to do a lot of paperwork to justify his needless slaughter of other primates as well as the fact we have no one to open any jars of stuff while he’s a away. Hands like shovels.

Anyway, needless to say that leaves me to bring you some DLC news for Forza 4, which wouldn’t be a problem if I had any interest in racing games, or knew anything about cars, but we’ll give it a shot shall we?

This new car pack will include 10 horseless carriages (listed below) and will cost 560 MS Points when in arrives on the 6th of March. Season Pass holders will be able to pick up this extra content free of charge. I am also reliably informed that all cars will have doors and a steering wheel, additionally they will also make a “Brooooum” sort of sound.

Yep, that’s all I have, here’s what you can expect to find in the DLC pack plus a trailer showing off the cars in action:

2011 Aston Martin V12 Zagato (Villa d’Este)
1971 Ferrari #2 Ferrari Automobili 312 P
2012 Ultima GTR
1969 Chevrolet Nova SS 396
2010 Renault Clio RS
1966 Ford Country Squire
1995 BMW 850CSi
1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6
2011 Wiesmann GT MF5
1969 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

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