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Cheap as Chimps – GAME Special

Cheap as Chimps – GAME Special

Once a week the Gameriilaz crew huddle around our respective monitors and scour the internet for the very best in gaming deals, but this week we’re doing something a bit different.

Many of you will be aware that the retailer GAME are seemingly somewhere around Faeces Creek sans paddle, with the possibility of a drop of the end of the world famous Effluent Falls just around the corner. Many a gaming hack has gotten plenty of copy out of recent news concerning GAME’s plight, whether it be the news that the company will not be stocking Mass Effect 3 and other EA titles or that they have had to close a number of branches. If we are honest we have noticed a little bit of Schadenfreude creeping in to many of the witterings of various unscrupulous scribes which we find to be abominable at the very least. I think it is safe to say I speak for many of the team in our little treehouse when I say we take no pleasure from these events and sincerely hope that the company finds a away through this stormy period.

You can make many arguments that run the gamut from “It’s only a business, who gives a flying falafel” to “Well that’s business”. Unfortunately both positions do not take into account what this means for we gamers. In a nutshell the loss of any company is a bad thing as it is one step further toward only a very selective number of outfits selling titles, meaning they can charge higher prices in times which see all of us under the strain of financial difficulties. As a gaming hack it is not my job to argue the finer points of free market Capitalism with you, so I won’t, but what I will say is that I have personally been buying titles from GAME for around 20 years now and those of you who have been doing the same will (like myself) have had much joy provided by what you have purchased from their stores. Could you find some of these titles at a slightly cheaper price? Maybe, but for an extra few shekels you’ll be helping to make sure that the market at large at least stays somewhat competitive. What price is loyalty eh?

This weeks games include titles from GAME and it’s sister store Gamestation featuring combos, sampling, plastic bricks and five classics in one box.


Devil May Cry 4 Limited Edition; at GAME

Xbox 360 – £9.98/$15.80/€11.97

With a new DMC on the horizon here is a chance to catch up with the extremely enjoyable 4th title in the series which was released back in 2008. Set before the events of DMC 2, this is a game which does not (like so many releases these days) hold your hand all the way through. You’ll find yourself dumped into some intense action as you combo bash your way across massive landscapes trying to survive on a shred of health. If your looking for a challenge this game will provide it in spades. The Limited Edition includes a bonus art book and comes in a shiny metal case. After all, who doesn’t love a metal box?


DJ Hero 2 (Bundle); at GAME

PS3 – £19.99/$31.66/€23.98

Bargain “inn-it-bruv”. *Cough* Please do excuse me, I seem to have come over all youthful for a moment there. While I may know little of DJ’ing antics and their music (I use the world music in the loosest possible terms you’ll understand) you may indeed be a massive fan of “scratching”. This is quite an amazing offer which includes the second DJ Hero game as well as the controllers, or decks as I believe they are called. Yes hours of playing with knobs can be yours for the price of a takeaway meal.


Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4; at Gamestation
Wii – £12.99/$20.58/€15.58

One for the munch-kins in your life or perhaps even yourself if you’re a fan of the works of JK Rowling. Play as Harry and chums in the now familiar Lego format. The game covers the adventures of the Hogworts gang over the first 4 years of the series and is sure to provide much Wii Remote waving action. Expelliarmus!




Ubisoft Classic (5 games in one); at Gamestation

PC – £9.99/$15.82/€11.98

Five classics from Ubisoft in one box. For less than 20 of your currency of choice you get Assassin’s Creed, Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia, Rayman 3 and Far Cry. That’s a lot of bang for your gaming buck with virtually every single title a classic.


Gamerillaz Top Pick Offer of The Week

Gamestation – Buy one get one free on pre-owned titles

Gamestation are excellent at providing pre-owned titles at reasonable prices and this deal is well worth taking the time to go through. There is plenty on offer across multiple platforms and your sure to find something to suit your tastes.

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