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Kinect Star Wars – Bust a Mov(i)e.

Kinect Star Wars – Bust a Mov(i)e.

There are many things I could say about the video footage below of Star Wars Kinect, but I will try to play nice and start off on a positive note. It looks well made and some parts could be good laugh, especially with a few buddies and beers. The Rancor looks fun and picking up a Jawa and chucking it across Mos Eisley could be the next drunken intergalactic dwarf throwing Olympics on a Friday night. Pod racing could also be a potential bit of hi-jinx though I imagine a few goes would be enough… Cant say the light-saber bits look too enthralling, depends if you like your games on rails or not.

The real ‘holy banta poo’ moment in the video comes near the end when Leigh, in her sexy lingerie designed by the fatty fashion guru Jabba, and starts busting a move in a – wait for it – a dance game! Yep, Dance Central meets Star Wars which is bad enough but to then have the Princess hang up a chain and dance for Jabbas audience – sacrilege I tells thee!! I can just see Lucas approving this – sitting there going ‘Yeah, great for the kids’ (not that I can imagine him actually wobbling around in front of the Kinect – ewww). Leigh does look kind of hot, but if I wanted Star Wars porn Id get it online! Sweet god – Please stop all these people destroying whats left of a once great sage, its dignity is nearly on the floor! We need a Vader to sort this shower of wasters out and bring back some credibility to what is a great trilogy (minus the Ewoks). Just Leave Star Wars alone FFS!

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