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Serious Sam – The complete collection

Serious Sam – The complete collection

Why sssso Serious? Actually Sam is anything but serious… He is quite the kidder – kidder with a shotgun! For those of you not acquainted with our muscle bound smart arse Sam, then let the video below sch00l you in the ways of madness. Serious Sam is a little bit of Arnie, Duke Nukem, Quake and bat shit crazy humour. It is fast paced action that rarely lets up and a must for all FPS fans. Serious Sam might seem like the poor mans shooter but in fact it has more balls than 90% of the top names. Its pumped with adrenaline and after a few hours of killing headless bombers or strange biscuit shaped blobs with teeth you will need a good shower to clean off all the stress induced sweat. It really is a great series and I recommend it highly. For those of the already converted you can get the complete collection on sale over here on steam for the PC – 66% off in fact with the first and second encounters Free it would seem – cant beat that, eh! Console players (XBLA/PSN) can get a demo of each chapter before deciding on buying the DLC. Do it ya clown!

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