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Mass Effect 3 – Space Trailer

Mass Effect 3 – Space Trailer

By now you’ll have more than likely of heard that the folks over at EA and Bioware will be sending copies of Mass Effect 3 into Space. At first I thought this was an attempt to connect with extraterrestrial lifeforms through gaming. What better way is there to share our planets culture I ask you? It has to be better than the last time we did this type of thing┬áby scrawling a bit of Beethoven on a piece of metal and screwing it to the side of a massive tin can.

Apparently it has not been done for that reason. Instead it is one of the coolest (well I think its cool) bits of PR that a publisher has come up with in a long time. The games will be jettisoned over a number of city around the globe and if your lucky enough to find one landing in your back-garden or smashing in the back of your skull you can claim a special edition of the game which includes all kinds of goodies.

Here’s the video that explains the “competition” a little more. Well, sort of.

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