Counter-Stike: Global Offensive – Get into the Beta… | Gamerillaz

Counter-Stike: Global Offensive – Get into the Beta…

Counter-Stike: Global Offensive – Get into the Beta…

My name is Davie Kong and it has been a few months since my last game of Counter-strike. I’m doing well, the shakes and shivers left me after a week and my hallucinations have diminished somewhat. Watching a Big Mac eat a Unicorn on top of a rainbow made of midgets is no picnic I can tell you! If I don’t remain sober my whole life is in jeopardy, I may not eat ever again and I’m sure my Wife would leave me for lack of attention, not to mention a likely lack of hygiene. My child might be taken into care and my job will fall to the wayside. I may have to sell my body just to keep paying the broad band bill… so I wont be making much money there. Then there is the lesser addiction to whisky that accompanies my on line antics – in short I would be a dribbling mess but my KD ratio would be great! It is probably best that I don’t try and get in on the somewhat open Beta now available for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by completing a survey for Valve that would put me n the running for such an honour. If you would like to risk life and limb for a chance to play this delicious, tasty, sexy game then do so here (you will need steam installed) for the PC or Mac. You may then be chosen – or not – to have Beta access. Its better than no chance eh?! Maybe I will just take a look myself… just a small look… maybe even do the survey myself in the name of research…. If I did get picked I don’t have to play it… maybe just a quick go… oh god, I’m starting to shake again – I see little people everywhere – Arg!!

Davie Kong says:

Mad like a fox Tommy! And crazy like a spoon… um.

Tommy says:

Mad i tell you mad

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