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Blizzard – Next Online Title Will Be “Free-to-Play”

Blizzard – Next Online Title Will Be “Free-to-Play”

The creators of MMO’s of all stripes are one after another making the move to a free-to-play model, yet Blizzard have dug there heels in when it comes to World of Warcraft, determined to stick to the subscription for as long as possible. Why not? Despite what many naysayers will have you believe, the granddaddy of MMO’s is still very much alive and slashing and has more regular players than any of the other major titles on the market.

Today the company have confirmed after months of speculation that it’s new MMO, currently in development under the name of “Project Titan” will be run under the free-to-play model. Just about every hack and ‘expert’ has thrown around ideas (I say ideas most if not all of it is blind guess work formed out of necessity on a slow new day) on what we can expect to see when this new MMO arrives. The truth is we simply don’t know much at all, apart from this game will be a brand new IP set within an all new world. Oh and now the fact that it will be free-to-play.

Blizzard are currently focused on the upcoming launch of Diablo 3.

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