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Binary Domain – Hollow Child Cutscene Trailer

Binary Domain – Hollow Child Cutscene Trailer

Call me old fashioned but I’m not one for cutscenes from games beginning released before the title hits the shelves. I hide from them like a person on a daytime TV “chat-show” hides from a bailiff. It also comes a cross as a “look our game isn’t as bad as you think, here’s a great cutscene to prove it” type of thing and some have said that the makers of this third person shooter have had more of an air of desperation about them than a fat bloke on a dating website of late.

Still, what do I know? I could be wrong, Binary Domain could turn out to be an absolute barnstormer and that’s the impression I think we are meant to take away from this new cutscene video released by Sega today.

Binary Domain arrives at the end of this week in the EU with US gamers seeing it’s release on the 28th and will be available on bot PS3 and Xbox 360.

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