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Prototype 2 – Daddy’s Coming Home Trailer

Prototype 2 – Daddy’s Coming Home Trailer

There is a fine line between genius and down right stupidity and we’re still not sure which side of that line Radical have fallen on after taking the decisions to make a character, who proved to be a hit with fans, the bad guy in the second game of the Prototype series. If you enjoyed guiding Alex Mercer through his adventures in a virus riddled Manhattan in the 2009 release how easy will it really be to engage with a new protagonist who is looking to get revenge on the shapeshifting body horror freak?

This new trailer may help you get in the mood for some retribution as it allows us to explore the back story of James Heller who after loosing everything is determined to see justice served.

Prototype 2 arrives in late April on PS3 and Xbox 360, with a PC release hitting the shelves in June.

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