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The Secret World – Witch Hunter, Warlord and Thaumaturgist “Decks”

The Secret World – Witch Hunter, Warlord and Thaumaturgist “Decks”

I, Dr. Horatio Brel Zaius, am the Gamerillaz go to chimp on all things MMO. Which means I spend most of my gaming time wondering over the hills and dales of these huge all consuming games and there is nothing more exciting within this genre than powers. Trust me I’m a doctor, I know about these kinds of things.

Although still in development The Secret World has been on our radar for quite a while now, with its blend of Lovecraftian horror and secret organisations it looks an absolute hoot, but what has nearly had me slip into an ecstasy induced coma on more than one occasion is the fact that the game will include over 500 powers from which to choose from.

That may seem a little overwhelming at first, but Funcom have outline a system which makes it easier for players to choose which features suit which class the best. The Deck system contains a collection of seven active and seven passive abilities for each class which will provide bonuses (such as various costumes) if you choose to adopt them. The games lead designer Martin Bruusgaard had this to say:

“Some of the beauty of the system is allowing the players to come up with cool stuff themselves. We want to reward the players who dive into this and take their time to tinker with this, and there are lots of cool combinations we will save for these players”

Three Decks have been laid out so far, the Witch Hunter (Templar Deck) which focuses on critical hits and spike damage using pistols and hammers, the Warlord (Dragon Deck) which makes use of blades to deal with groups of enemies and the Thaumaturgist (Gunmage Deck) using a shotgun and elemental magic to take down mobs.

You can find out more details on the system here provided by those top bananas over at The Secret World is currently in the closed beta stage with general release expected sometime in April.

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