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Syndicate – Launch Trailer

Syndicate – Launch Trailer

“Business is war” says this new trailer, an attitude the Bush administration would have agreed with me thinks. There are some memories you really mess around with at your peril, for example meeting up with your high school sweetheart after 20 years or embarking on a project which involves ruining three of the greatest movies ever made by trying to bolt another three family friendly movies onto the front of the original narrative. The odds are stacked in such away that you’ll just end up ruining all those fond images that you’ve stored up in your thought tubes.

That is very much how some people have looked at the “re-boot” of the Syndicate games, which were classics of the 90′s under the stewardship of the late great Bullfrog. By now many of you will have had a look at the demo which has been available over the last few weeks and have probably come to the same conclusion as we have that you can’t really treat this as anything but a new IP, which doesn’t end up being too bad a deal all in all.

With the game seeing it’s release next week the launch trailer has arrived letting gamers know what to expect from a title which is a touch 1984 with more than a dash of Deus Ex. If nothing else Brian Cox looks like he is giving it his all as Jack Denham, which can’t be a bad thing can it?

Syndicate will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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