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Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Expansion Announced

Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Expansion Announced

One of the long running salwart performers on the PC will receive an expansion pack in the late Spring of this year, which will be pack chock full of deity awe.

The pack will have a ton of new features including; 27 new units, 13 new buildings and 9 new Wonders. Fans of the various playable civilization will be happy to hear that there will be some new ones for you to get all God like with such as Carthage, the Netherlands, the Celts as well as 6 others. The new scenarios of the medieval period and the fall of the Rome sound very interesting but the cherry on the cake has to be the Empires of the Smoky Skies setting which is described as “a Victorian science-fiction scenario” surely meaning it will have Jule Verne/Steampunk vibe going on and we here at GZ are all about a top hat and a steam-powered shotgun.

As you may of guessed the titular reference to Gods and Kings means a return of the religious options which has been seen in previous games in the series, meaning hours of fun providing salvation or damnation to those little beings running around your world.

We will be keeping a peeled eye on this one so be sure to check back for regular updates over the coming weeks.

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