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Darksiders II – Pre-Order Deals Announced

Darksiders II – Pre-Order Deals Announced

The Reaper is coming… No, not those ratbags over at Reaper Gaming. I am talking about Death himself who is having to sort out the mess his fellow Horseman, War, got caught up in during the original Darksiders of 2010.

Those of you looking to treat yourself with a pre-order on Darksiders II┬ámaybe interested to know just which gaming retailer will give you the best deal for your moo-la. Luckily for you a number of stores have outlined what they’ll be offering as bonus content for orders placed ahead of the June 26th relese date. Lets take a look shall we?

Amazon – The Deadly Despair Pack

In a nut shell, this is a permanent speed boost to Death’s pale horse of legend, Despair. Although this may not sound very impressive on the surface, the world is supposed to be quite a fair old size and this may offer some light relief to those of you who have little patients for long journeys.

Best Buy – The Angel of Death Pack

If you are more inclined towards gear upgrades or fancy yourself as somewhat as a fashionista this may be the bonus pack for you as it offers a unique set of enhanced Angel armor, a pair of upgraded scythes, and a special visual trail for your crow companion, Dust.

Gamestop – The Death Rides Pack

When it comes to the bang to buck ratio we believe this is the best of these offers. The pack includes a ton of additional side mission adding up to a whopping 2 additional hours of gameplay. There is also the inclusion of 2 additional zones for you to explore, Maker’s Realm and Dead Plains.

Darksiders II will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC with a Wii U version of the game pencilled in for when Nintendo’s next gaming platform is released.

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