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Pandora’s Tower – Release Date Confirmed

Pandora’s Tower – Release Date Confirmed

We are quite fond of an Japanese action RPG once in a while here at Gamerillaz and in May of last year our friends over in the Land of The Rising were treated to this little gem on the Wii.

Pandora’s Tower has had it’s western release date confirmed today with the European version of the game hitting the shelves on the 13th April. So what is it all about then? Here’s the blurb from the games creators Ganbarion:

“Pandora‚Äôs Tower features an epic storyline with multiple endings affected by the decisions you make.

Explore thirteen challenging towers on a mission to save your friend, set to a powerful soundtrack consisting of some of the most popular classical music in the world, including composers such as Verdi and Tchaikovsky.

Every decision you make will affect your ultimate success. The choice is yours.”

The gameplay focuses around Aeron whom is attempting to save his friend Elena from transforming into a demon, he does this by forming a “bond” with her and popping in on her every now and again just to make sure she hasn’t gone all evil and stuff. Much like you would with a chum who has a bad head cold then.

With some solid reviews under its belt from the Asian gaming press, this may very well be one to keep an eye on. Here is the trailer from Japan which may give you some idea of what to expect. Wow, I managed to get through that post without making a suggestive comment about Pandora’s “Box”. No, blew it right at the end there didn’t I? Dang.

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