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Myst – PC Classic is Coming to the 3DS

Myst – PC Classic is Coming to the 3DS

Every now and a again a piece of news turns up that makes ones eyes spin like a Tex Avery cartoon character and this is one of them. It’s had such an impact on the Gamerillaz Treehouse that the Great Ape himself, Davie Kong, has become ill with excitement and taken to his hammock with a damp rag draped across his forehead.

What has brought on this attack of the vapours you may well ask, well, it is the announcement that one of our most loved PC games of the 90′s will be making a return on the 3DS. If you are to young or are just some kind of fool and didn’t get a chance to play Myst, this is a game which sets you in the boots of The Stranger, and individual who has travel to a strange land where there are many puzzles to be solved. The beauty of this release on the PC was truly something breath taking at the time and offered one of the most immersive worlds in which to loose yourself in.

This re-release on Nintendo’s flagship handheld console will have over 80 hours of gameplay and feature an area which was not in the original PC version, The Rime Age.

Myst arrives this coming June.

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