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Mass Effect 3 – First “FemShep” Trailer

Mass Effect 3 – First “FemShep” Trailer

A very underestimated element of gaming is how one feels about the character they are playing. I’m not just talking about whether you like or dislike the personality of your virtual representative in any given world, but rather how it feels to walk, run, jump or generally jerk about with them on screen. MMO’s are a personal bugbear in this respect for me, I’ve never been able to play as a female avatar as it just doesn’t feel right. This of course works both ways, my own GLW (good lady wife,) whom is as ardent a gamer as I has exactly the same reaction to male characters. Oh and Taurens, although this is more about questioning the idea of how¬†cow hunters can possibly fire weapons with hooves.

The good folks at Bioware understand this type of dilemma, having always been at the forefront of offering various types of characters to suit just about any tastes and have now released the first official trailer for Mass Effect 3 to include the female version of Commander Sheppard. Hooray!

This is just the latest in a long line of trailers which has recently appeared for the final part of the Mass Effect trilogy as excitement continues to mount ahead of its release on the 6th of March in the US and the 8th of March in the EU.

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