Cheap as Chimps - 10th February 2012 | Gamerillaz

Cheap as Chimps – 10th February 2012

Cheap as Chimps – 10th February 2012

Happy Friday to all you boozers, looser and jacuzzi users! This weeks Cheap as Chimps includes, tentacles, swords, infidelity and bargain deals. Plenty to fill the coming week with gaming action.

The Darkness 2 Limited Edition; at HMV

Xbox 360 – £37.99/$60.09/45.32 Euro
PS3 – £37.99/$60.09/45.32 Euro
PC – £27.99/$44.27/33.39 Euro

If your better half ended up getting clipped by the mob its fair to say you might be a little bit emotionally unstable, so much so you may even develop some kind of symbiotic relationship with and ancient force of darkness. That is basically what happened to Jackie during the first game based upon the comic series published by Image Comics. Jackie and the Darkness are back in a game promising plenty of FPS action and general gory goodness.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning; at HMV and Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £37.99/$59.96/45.28 Euro
PS3 – £37.99/$59.96/45.28 Euro
PC – £28.97/$45.72/34.52 Euro (at Amazon UK)

RPG gamers who have been lost in the land of Skyrim since its release in November, have more or less conquered all that Bethesda’s belting title has to offer. So until some brand new content arrives in the form of DLC for the Elder Scrolls V, we’ll need something to fill that gap. That is were KoA: Reckoning comes in, well kind of. The early reviews have suggested that although the RPG features and action are of a high quality, the world in which the game takes place is flat and void of anything interesting. If this title has previously pricked your interest, it may be worth waiting for a price drop.


Catherine; at

Xbox 360 – £37.99/$59.96/45.28 Euro
PS3 – £37.99/$59.96/45.28 Euro

This is an odd box of frogs. An adventure/puzzler/platformer, which has the feel of the type of titles that appeared on systems such as the 3DO and MegaCD and somehow makes me feel slightly sleazy just looking at the box. You take on the role of Vincent, a stereotypical D-bag who suffers from commitment issues to such an extreme he develops nightmares which would keep Freud up at night. So how does our protagonist deal with these nocturnal horrors? He cheats on his girlfriend with a woman who is almost an alternative version her, which is emphasized by the fact that his bit on the side has the same name only spelled slightly differently. Subtle eh? At its worst Catherine comes across as a dumb, stereotype riddled manga boob-fest, but look a little closer and who’ll find quite an engaging title that brings idea to the gaming marketplace rarely seen outside of the Far East.

Offer of The Week – 2 for £20 at

If none of this weeks new releases take you fancy, or if your still drowning in debt from the Christmas holiday, why not check out this rather pleasing deal from There is plenty to choose from in this 2 for £20 deal, with a mix of old and new and even some accessories. Check it out.

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