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Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer Working on New Adventure

Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer Working on New Adventure

For those of us who follow Ron Gilbert’s blog and twitter feed, it is of little surprise that the Gaming God is once again teaming up with his old partner in crime after he hinted as such a few weeks ago.

Although little is known about the project from Double Fine Productions a new Kickstarter page has been produced in order to fund the game. With a donation of a tiny $15 not only will you feel massively good about yourself in supporting a project made by two of the most legendary names in gaming, you will also get a free copy of the game via Steam when it is released.

Even if you have never experience the overwhelming, all encompassing brilliance, of games such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle or Day of the Tentacle (and if you haven’t go and do so immediately) these two gentlemen deserve the tiny asking price at the very least. What they should have by rights is a statue each made of gold and diamonds in every city centre around the globe. No forget that, they should have a country named after them.

We here at Gamerillaz are going to crack open our wallets and expect all true gamers to do the same. That means you! Do it now, here!

This is the most awesome development ever. Something the games industry has been sorely lacking for a long time. A mutual respect. A game developer that actually wants to involve their fans and reward them rather than rip them them off.

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