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Twisted Metal – European Release Delayed and Censored

Twisted Metal – European Release Delayed and Censored

It is always down heartening to hear that a game which you have been looking forward to playing is having its release date pushed back, but when the reason for such an unwelcome delay is due to censorship it is downright abominable.

This most evil of fates has befallen the combat racer Twisted Metal, or at least for it’s European version. Lead Designer David Jaffe has stated that; “localization (sic) taking a touch longer” than had previously anticipated and several changes have had to be made to the latest game in this long running franchise due to EU regulations. We find this particularly surprising as it is one of the very rare cases when a blanket ruling has been made across the whole of the continent, rather than just in countries such as Germany where attitudes to violence in the media is often treated differently than in other countries.

Those lucky gamers across the pond in the USA won’t have these problems, so what will they get to see that we in Europe will not? Addressing the NeoGAF forums Jaffe expressed his disapproval of this judgement and outlined a couple of examples of where changes had been made. The first of which involved a cinematic moment where The Clowns number one racer, Sweet Tooth, gets stabbed in the eye by a girl, instead of seeing this in all its cartoon tongue-in-cheek gorey glory, gamers in the EU will have to picture it in their heads as the camera cuts away from the introduction of the sharp object to retina. Gameplay has not gone unaffected either as the Meat Wagon vehicle no longer shoots a living humanoid strapped onto a gurney that’s fitted with dynamite, instead this has been replaced by a lifeless corpse and where is the fun in that we ask you?

Jaffe went on to say:

“I hate cuts the original game,” Jaffe added. “At the same time, players in SCEE territories will be able to play the same game and dive into the same Twisted universe as SCEA players. It’s a touch different but I and the team still stand just as proudly behind the SCEE version and are very excited that we’ll be able to meet up with TM players the world over online and share the game together”

To some this may seem like small beer, yet those of us who are anti any level of censorship point out that we as adults are quite happy to make our own choices thank you very much, finding our own level of what we regard to be shocking or distasteful. As for the shrill argument of “what about the children,” well listen, if your allowing your child to play games like Twisted Metal then you are both morally and intellectually corrupt, with the only clear solution being to gather these goons on the top of a cliff and drive Land Rover’s at them forcing them over the edge like Disney did in the making of White Wilderness.

Of course PS3 owners in Europe can avoid all this nonsense by purchasing a US version of the game from the 14th of February, as PS3 titles are not region locked. Those looking to pick up the european version can do so from the 7th of March.

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