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CANNON FODDER 3 – Please let it be True!

CANNON FODDER 3 – Please let it be True!

Never heard of Cannon Fodder? Tut – tut! I can remember playing the first one on my Commodore Amiga way back in the day. What a great machine that was. Cannon Fodder (and Cannon Fodder 2) were made up of a series of puzzle influenced war zone maps that you had to guide your little platoon safely across. This was all done in a cute but gorey fashion that saw row after row of your poor little soldiers get blown to pieces in a variety of amusing ways.  It had elements of Lemmings, Worms with a dash of Commando and lashings of humour. It rocked!

Well now it looks like it might just get resurrected – Cannon Fodder 3 is currently under ‘Tender’. This basically means the game is almost complete but has no publisher backing. I’ll bet that it does get backing as it was a truly great lil game in its day. Check out the video below, its a bit raw but the general idea is solid. Although it seems to be aiming at a PC release it would be very suitable as an ‘arcade’ style title. Here’s hoping eh! For more details on the actual game check out the official site here.


“War – never been so much fun.” LOL! Ah, the memories…

Davie Kong says:

Ah yes – Good times… Good times…

Dr. Zaius says:

The original had the greatest theme song ever in the history of gaming

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