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Warhammer 40K MMO Dark Millennium – Continued Development Uncertain

Warhammer 40K MMO Dark Millennium – Continued Development Uncertain

Over the last few weeks it has become more and more obvious that THQ are quickly becoming the “sick man” of video game development, with profits down and a restructuring of which type of games the company will continue to produce in the future already underway.

Fans of the Warhammer franchise will be aware that the company has been working on an MMO set within the 40K universe for some time now and according to company insiders such as THQ’s chief financial officer Paul Pucino, the game has had some serious money behind it, stating in May of last year that:

“Somewhere in the area of $50 million or so to get these games to market, certainly in that range for Dark Millennium”

Speaking to investors at today’s 3rd quarter investor conference, THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell has suggested that further development of the game may not continue unless a fincial partner could be found:

“Because of the large financial commitment and associated risks, we are being realistic about our resources and we are actively seeking a partner for this compelling new MMO”

It certainly would be a shame to see a title which has been in production for around 5 years cease to be, particularly when it would seem like a game which the marketplace has room for. As of the publication of this post, Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium is pencilled in for a release date of the end of the fiscal year of 31st of March 2014 and is being developed by Vigil Games and Relic Entertainment.

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