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Game Stores in the UK and Ireland are in Deep Doo-Doo!

Game Stores in the UK and Ireland are in Deep Doo-Doo!

Those of you familiar with the GAME Group chain in Europe are in for a big surprise. Game are in deep, deep trouble. They are no longer getting in new stock and if you haven’t preordered your favourite future game with them already then you have missed the boat because they have stopped any further prorders, such as Mass Effect 3 for instance. They claim that they wont shut up shop all together but in this day and age nothing is certain. I dropped by my local game last night to cash in all my gift vouchers, just in case – and I would advise you all to do the same. While I was there I had a good old chin wag with the guy behind the counter and he confirmed the news for me. He also told me that all the shops in Dublin (and possibly all of Ireland) with the exception of only three were to close down. I imagine there will also be closures all over the UK and Europe in general. 2012 people, 2012…Its an Omen!

Despite their badly priced games and the usual crap that goes with a big chain store, GAME are/were an important piece of the gaming ecosystem – So this is bad news for gamers on a whole. You can see how the news unfolded over at EuroGamer, or check the Telegraph for a detailed breakdown of the financial situation. The only glimmer of hope is a report fresh off the press today from Bloomberg stating that a bailout type of agreement has been reached to try save the retailer. Still,  looks like there’s going to be a cutting of outlets reguardless – cash in those vouchers people…

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