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Cheap as Chimps – 3rd February 2012

Cheap as Chimps – 3rd February 2012

The gap between pre-Christmas releases and the new year is finally behind us and in this weeks Cheap as Chimps we are checking out the first four big releases of the year at the best prices from around the internet.


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £27.91/$44.12/33.55 Euro
PS3 – £27.91/$44.12/33.55 Euro

The king of the stealth based genre is the latest in a long line of franchises to get the boxset treatment in hells-a-popin’ HD and coming in at under £30 pounds means your getting a lot of Snake for your money. This collection includes three full titles and plenty of trophies and achievements for all you hunters out there to get your hands on.


Final Fantasy XIII-2; at Amazon UK (PS3) and GameStop (Xbox 360)

Xbox 360 – £35.97/$56.86/43.24 Euro
PS3 – £32.97/$55.11/39.63 Euro

Part 2 of FFXIII hits the shelves in Europe today with US gamers being able to pick their copies up earlier in the week. The story is set three years after the events of the original title and continues to follow the protagonists on their epic adventures. We can’t say we were big fans of FFXII, in fact it left us
pretty cold on the whole, but this is sure to be a nice money spinner for Square Enix just as every addition to the series has been to date.


Soul Calibur V; at Gamestop

Xbox 360 – £36.97/$58.43/44.45 Euro
PS3 – £36.97/$58.43/44.45 Euro

There is nothing better than a beat-em-up every now and again, an often over looked type of game which should get more credit than it does. If you think about it the genre has more than likely reduced work based violence by a massive percentage over the years. There are some big names punching it out this year to be players favourite title and the first of these, the fifth in the Soul Calibur series arrives today. Set 17 years after the last game (realistically, how important is the story here?) and bringing with it some new fighters, including everyone’s favourite assassin Ezio Auditore, this is a game that looks like a barrel load of fun.


Neverdead; at Gamestop

Xbox 360 – £34.97/$55.28/42.04 Euro
PS3 – £34.97/$55.28/42.04 Euro

Our first impressions of Neverdead was that it looks nuts, whoop whoop gibber giber nuts. At its heart there is a pretty standard setup going on, you are a demon hunter who is immortal and heads up the NADA (National Anti-Demon Agency). So no big surprises in this third person shooter your thinking? Your wrong, as being an immortal according to Rebellion Development means having your limbs blown off shouldn’t stop you going about your business. So as your arms and legs a torn off you’ll still be able to take down those bad guys with a quick head but to the groin.

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