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If you’ve ever been exposed to the likes of Samurai Princess, Meatball Machine or Tokyo Gore Police – and you enjoyed them – then get your strange twitching ass down to the video shop and get your hands on another dopey slice of japtarded splatter nonsense. There’s a whole sub-genre of this kind of rubbish, usually knocked together by cowboy outfits like sushi typhoon and clearly aimed at a very specific otaku demographic.

As usual with these zero budget splataculars, Helldriver contains almost no discernable plot, crude but extremely ott gore effects, CG from the early 90′s and a synthesiser soundtrack from a deaf baby with hooks for hands. The story is some unintelligible balls regarding an interstellar plague that has zombified half of Japan’s populace and the saviour of humanity is a chainsword-wielding schoolgirl with cinematic flowy hair.

I’ll be honest..I only managed about 60 minutes of this before I got bored and headachy. It’s enthusiastic but jarring and ultimately numbing…there’s something gross and/or mental every five minutes..every character is nothing more than a special fx setpiece waiting to happen. And it’s almost 2 freakin hours long…If you want to see this kind of thing done right – watch Versus.

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