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Game of Thrones (RPG) – Riverspring Trailer

Game of Thrones (RPG) – Riverspring Trailer

Regular visitors to Gamerillaz often tell us that they wonder how we can all stay so optimistic and upbeat given the amount of dross that must arrive on a daily basis, promoting this game or that. Well, in truth we are not a “turn that frown upside down” group of primates at all, far from it. It could be the years of medical experiments we have endured or the fact that at least two of us have spent around three years dancing in a Fez, smoking endless cigarettes (that bit we didn’t mind so much) while an old man played a squeeze box in the vain hope a passerby would throw a copper coin his way. Needless to say, this will make anyone’s outlook cynical and there is nothing like a TV or Movie game tie-in to have us rolling our eyes like billy-o.

The TV smash-hit based on the sublime novels of George R.R. Martin has spawned an RPG title made by Cyanide Studio, whom have today release a new sneak peak trailer of what we can expect when the game arrives in May this year.

Riverspring will be just one of the areas to explore as our two heroes; Mors, sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, and Alester, the Red Priest, embark on their epic adventure.

Game of Thornes will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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