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X : Night of Vengeance

X : Night of Vengeance

Strewth! Australian sleazecore about two lithe strumpets and a rather stressful night involving corrupt cops, junkies, raging pimps and guest appearances from Schlong, Muff & Boob. Premier-league escort (Viva Bianca, best known as blond equine witch Illithya from Spartacus. Speciality: Having sex without removing bra and panties) hooks up with newbie cornerwalker (comely but disturbingly young-looking Hannah Lawrence, also appearing in Spartacus. Speciality: depressing handjobs)  for what seems like a routine three-way with some wealthy punter but things go a bit pear-shaped and homicidal.

From the first scene leeringly showcasing a young man’s low-hanging fruit it’s clear X : Night of Vengeance has its sights set firmly on the straight-to-dvd “nudey adult thriller” shelf. It superficially resembles grimy french hookers-with-guns thriller Baise-Moi…but at least that film had the decency to include some hard-core pornography along with its sledgehammer feminazi meanderings.  X: NOV is nicely put together for something of such limited ambition and zips along too fast to really irritate with its seedy characters and wandering storyline. The occasional hilariously gratuitious full frontal shot or bone-crunching act of reprehensible violence keep the fingers from straying to the fast forward button. Still, it’s ultimately a undemanding thriller taking a rather lowbrow look at the oldest profession…where’s Richard Gere when you need him?


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