Cheap as Chimps - 27th January 2012 | Gamerillaz

Cheap as Chimps – 27th January 2012

Cheap as Chimps – 27th January 2012

Gamerillaz have once again put down the bananas and controls long enough to cast an eye across the internet to find you the best deals available this week. This edition of Cheap as Chimps includes, shamblers, Sims, self defence and self improvement.


Resident Evil: Revelations; at Amazon UK
Nintendo 3DS – £29.97/$47.08/35.87 Euro

It has been a strong 12 months for the zombie genre of games and no longer to you have to drag a TV and console onto the bus to work in the morning to get your undead fix. Released today on Nintendo’s 3DS Resident Evil: Revelations gives you and insight into the storyline that happened between the 4th and 5th games in the series. With the return of two of the franchises favourite characters in all new locations dead head fans will not want to miss out.



The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff; at Amazon UK
PC – £7.65/$12.00/9.15 Euro

Just out today fans of the 21st century’s version of a dollhouse can now stack their master bedrooms with stuff according to the title. We all know what goes on in the bedroom, “bow-chick-a-wow-wow,” the was suppose represent a funky base sound but just looks like a the noise a dog makes when its chocking on a child’s toy. No definitely haven’t gotten the hang of that have I? Anyway, bedroom antics are afoot as this expansion for The Sims 3 includes furniture, clothing, hair styles and more to make sure your Sims are in “the mood.”


My Self Defence Coach; at
Xbox Kinect – £11.99/$18.83/14.35 Euro

The weekend is upon us and for some of you brave souls who think little of your own safety and well being, that will mean that you’ll be heading out on the town. This of course brings with it the risk of meeting the, as so eloquently put by our own Bubbles, “Brown sauce and shaven head” brigade who like some rare lost Amazonian tribe can be recognised by their battle cry of “Oi are you lookin’ at me birds?!” Get yourself prepared for the ensuing nastiness with this Self Defence Coach for Kinect which combines fitness and fighting improvements across four areas which are technique, stamina, composure and reflexes.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Limited Edition; at Gamestation
PS3 – £12.99/$20.37/15.53 Euro

How rubbish is the human body? Take pain for example, I understand the purpose of all those nerves screaming at you and sending enough electricity shooting around your doughy organ bag to floor an elephant, it’s to tell you that your damaging yourself, but does it really have to do so with the same ferocity every time I stand on an upturned plug? Really, I got it the first time, don’t stand on an up turned plug. You know what you need as a species? Augmentation and that’s what we see in the newly released Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the long anticipated third title of the series. If you haven’t played the previous releases, then shame on you as you really have missed out on some of the best gaming ever seen, but we here at Gamerillaz are not here to judge you, well not much at least, so here is a round up of what to expect. Human Revolution is a prequel to the original title with its setting around 25 years prior to the in game events and is still the cyber-punk romp that fans of the series love. With a strong storyline and plenty of action, this is one to get your opposable thumbs around.

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