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GAME Offers ‘Fun For A Fiver’ Deal

GAME Offers ‘Fun For A Fiver’ Deal

It would seem more and more gamers aren’t keeping their completed games anymore, whether this is because of a young persons view of the world and a reflection of our increasingly disposable society which holds cultural items at little to no value, or the fact that gamers need a quick turn around on cash so they can get hold of the latest titles. I find it comforting to stick to stereotypes when talking about unanswerable questions so I’m going to say it is the former; these kids today with their download-able sex holograms and their hover-boards, why in my day…

We haven’t all been bitten by this bug however, some of us still own every console, computer, game and accessory we have ever had, in fact to get around me own personal collection of technological detritus it would take a days ride on a fresh horse. Times are hard and friends are few and understandably keeping everything you buy these days is not necessarily the shrewdest of financial moves, that’s where GAME comes in.

In this new promotion which runs from today until the 29th of February, you can pick up a brand spanking new release for £5 as long as you trade the title back in at the store within 2 weeks. Confused? Well this is how it works;

Lets say you pick up Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the 3rd of February, you pay the nice person at the counter £39.99 and go home and play the game. If you bring it back within two weeks of purchase for trade in GAME will give you £34.99 in credit to spend. Not a bad deal eh?

There are a range of titles included in this offer such as, SoulCalibur V and The Darkness II, as well as a variety of pre-owned titles and gaming accessories. GAME’s Marketing Director Anna-Marie Mason said:

“With 2012 set to be another great year in gaming, we’re committed to offering customers the best value possible on the fantastic titles out there through competitive pricing, our trade in scheme and offers on games.”

“Our ‘Fun for a Fiver’ trade-in deal is a really unique way for customers to experience their favourite games for less and we encourage gamers to get in early to take advantage of this great offer today.”

Is this something that you would find tempting, or do you think that most games have a longer playtime than two weeks? Let us know what you think.

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