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Xbox Microwave: One Step Closer

Xbox Microwave: One Step Closer


We are massive fans of sedentary lifestyles here at Gamerillaz, stern believers in the less is more philosophy. Let the banana come to Bubbles if you will.

That’s why we were positively blown away when our modding hero Ben Heck unveiled his newest invention. It’s the Hot Pocket Extruder!

Pop this little puppy on the top of your Xbox Controller and its unique plastic carrier is equipped with a slider that can snugly hold a Hot Pocket. And it pushes the food towards you as you eat! Hurrah… A timeless gaming problem solved!

The only problem we have is a ferocious lack of Hot Pockets this side of the pond, but no fear! We reckon you could shove a Findus Crispy Pancake or Pop Tart in there instead.

Check it out in all its glory (and stay for the rest… he’s a funny guy)

The Ben Heck Show


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