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Bored? Unemployed? Midget?

Bored? Unemployed? Midget?

Peter Jackson and his minions are looking for extras for the new hobbit films…hurrah! So if you fit any or indeed all(!) of the following criteria you could be pausing blurays for the next decade and shouting to your mates “That’s me! You see that  blurry goblin with the pointy hat partially obscured by that column? That’s me that is! Form an orderly queue ladies” Who am i kidding..I’d love to do it. So if you’re a bored shortarse antipodean with big biceps or a character face (ie f**king ugly) then follow the link and movie glory awaits…

• MEN – under 5’4” (163cm)
• WOMEN – under 5” (155cm)
• BIG MEN – with character faces – 5’9 and over (175cm+)
• MEN with LARGE biceps any height.
• WOMEN with character faces and long hair
• MEN & WOMEN – ELVES slim, athletic, 5’5” – 6’4” (165 – 203cm)

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