XBLA House Party Lineup and Pricing Detailed | Gamerillaz

XBLA House Party Lineup and Pricing Detailed

XBLA House Party Lineup and Pricing Detailed

Similar to last years “Summer of Arcade” event, Microsoft are wheeling out a very exciting collection of games for it’s XBLA House Party and we’re bringing you the lineup, prices and bonus for purchasing all four titles during the first quarter of 2012.


The promotion kicks of on the 15th of February with an interesting looking title from EA, called Warp. Our character is Zero, a cuddly looking alien who just happens to be an absolute killing machine. Using stealth and the odd bit of ultra violence you’ll have to over come puzzles and take revenge on the swine who have imprisoned you in their underwater HQ in order to lead Zero to freedom. This one comes in at 800 MS Points.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare

American Nightmare? I’ll tell you about an American nightmare! You’ve never experienced one until you’ve been locked in wardrobe with an infant alligator, a dwarf dressed as Richard Nixon and a McFlurry. That was a long weekend in New Orleans I can tell you. Anyway, Alan Wake is back and he’s bring with him, new enemies, game modes and hardware, to frighten the be-jesus out of you. We’re looking forward to this one and with between 4-5 hours of gameplay being promised, 1200 MS Points sounds like a snip. This one arrives on February 22nd.


It being a leap year and with marketing companies not having worked out a way to make real money out of this rare extra day yet, it is left to us to figure out how to mark the 29th of February. Nexuiz from THQ might just be the answer this time around, it is an arena based first person shooter that will provide plenty of risky environments for you and your chums to shoot each other in. Sounds like a plan at 800 MS Points.

I Am Alive

We here in the Gamerillaz Treehouse have had our eye on this one since it first appeared on our radar sometime ago. Yes we are suckers for anything even slightly post-apocalyptic and the House Party is rapping up with Ubisoft’s I Am Alive on the 7th of March for 1200 points. This is a game which will have you seeking out your family after the world as we know it comes to a catastrophic end, leaving the survivors to to do whatever it takes to live.

All of these goodies come in at a total of 4000 points, which is about $60. A fair ol’ chunk of change in these hard times, but those nice folks at Microsoft are giving those who make these purchases during the event a bonus of 800 MS Points to spend on whatever you dang well please! Four great looking games and bonus credits is a fantastic deal and shows publishers just how much MS rate the future of the online marketplace. We think this is well worth taking part in.

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