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Test Drive:Ferrari – Screenshots and Trailer Video

Test Drive:Ferrari – Screenshots and Trailer Video


Since it told the world it was on it’s way, not a lot more has been said about the latest in the test drive series, Test Drive Ferrari. With an expected release date in March 2012 you must admit that it was all a bit odd.Thankfully that has all changed as a new group of screenshots and a trailer have emerged from the darkness of the Slightly Mad Studios, which contain a few nice surprises.

Not only does it appear that we are soon going to be getting our leather clad hands on the modern line up of epic super-cars that Ferrari have to offer but  also some of the most iconic racing cars of all time.Reports are that the game will include Fifty Two cars from Ferrari’s Sixty Five year history, that’s a lot of prancing horses and judging from some of the cars on offer it looks like this will be the only place to get your hands on them.

Eagle eyed  viewers among you will notice that Slightly Mad seem to have dropped the street racing theme and gone for the spiritual home of Ferrari’s the race track, with glimpses of Monaco, Spa, Ferrari’s own FioranoTest circut, Sliverstone and the Nordschleife (The Green Hell) shown in the trailer. In what appears to be a nice touch,the classic cars appear to come complete with the advertising of the day with Texaco and the Daily Express being shown, weather that means original track layouts will have to be seen but the attention to detail looks pretty spot on.

Overall Test Drive Ferrari may be gearing itself up to be a massive racer for 2012 lets wait and see.

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looks good .lets hope it plays good.

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