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Hammer rises from the HD grave

Hammer rises from the HD grave

Alright, they have recently rebooted and started releasing new (rubbish) material like Wake Wood, but everyone know proper hammer films star Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and breathy women with overflowing chesticles. Over to the beeb

Dozens of horror movies produced by Britain’s Hammer studios are to be restored for their release on Blu-Ray.

More than 30 films will be resurrected, with several gaining new or extended scenes that were cut from the original.

Among them is Terence Fisher’s Dracula, which will incorporate a recently-discovered extended death scene considered too gruesome in 1958.

In a press release, Hammer added that the Blu-Ray discs would contain “newly-filmed extras, including interviews with cast members”.

The company is also asking members of the public to help it track down lost footage and deleted scenes from its movies.

Some discoveries have already been made – the original UK title sequence has been reinstated on The Plague of The Zombies, while the UK title cards for Dracula: Prince of Darkness will be included on its release.

Other classic gothic titles slated for restoration are Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, The Mummy, Frankenstein Created Woman, The Lost Continent, The Reptile Slave Girls and The Vengeance of She.

Jolly good show, hi-def  wobbly sets and big haired vampiric 70′s lesbians ahoy.Now, how come no-one’s remade Captain Kronos : Vampire Hunter yet?

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