Cheap as Chimps - 20th January 2012 | Gamerillaz

Cheap as Chimps – 20th January 2012

Cheap as Chimps – 20th January 2012

There are few things more deadly than a gamer after a few refreshing adult beverages, armed with a console, a credit card and an internet connection. If you often find yourself in this position we’re here to help as in this weeks Cheap as Chimps, Gamerillaz will take you through the deals available on some of the best DLC around.


GTA IV: The Lost and The Damned
400 Points to Gold Members
Xbox Live

Our lead games reviewer, Clyde and myself have been on a bit of a Sons of Anarchy kick of late. While he has been catching up with the latest antics of SAMCRO, I’ve only just started my road trip with our favourite biker gang after GZ’s Great Ape Himself, Davie Kong stood on my head and told me that my banana rations would be massively reduced until I’d watch up until at least the end of season 3. Of course not wanting to miss Friday “nar-na” night I did so and now I’m hooked. Being the obsessive type of primate, I’ve even considered getting a bike, or at least until Mrs Zaius pointed out that I’m not exactly the most coordinated of creatures so I’ve been making do with this. In this addition to GTA IV, you take on the role of Johnny a member of the biker gang, The Lost. Although he has been creating various business opportunities, his first loyalties must be to his club and it’s president Billy Grey. With Grey back from rehab and hell bent on all the good stuff like debauchery and ultra violence, Johnny must do his best to keep the club together as he and his brothers descend into and all out turf war. For 400 points you won’t want to miss it.


Pandemonium 2
£3.99/4.99 Euro

The second in one of the best platform series of games is an absolute steal at under 5 notes. The stories of Nikki, Fargus and Sid are continued from the original, but if you didn’t get around to playing that it really doesn’t matter as Pandemonium 2 is a game which is filled to the brim with cheeky humour all of which is painted in broad brush strokes across what is arguably one of the most psychedelic gaming worlds ever produced. An old school classic which is perfect for those evenings when your to far over the “eight” to concentrate on anything else.


Prince of Persia
800 Points
Wii Virtual Console

Another old school classic now which has had more outings than an OAP social club, yet still incredibly playable. Making its debut on the VC this week, this version of Jordan Mechner’s legendary adventure game first appeared on the SNES and at what works out to be $8 a download, this is a cheap enjoyable trip down memory lane. For all you geeky types out there who may have played this title on other platforms than the SNES you will actually find something different in this version with redesigned levels, changes to boss fights and a time limit in which to rescue the Princess.


Lord of the Rings Online
Free (extra content available through micro-transaction or monthly subscription)

At any given opportunity I will tell anyone who will listen just how good Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online is and I will continue to do so for as long as this is an MMO that continues to be so dang good. If I think about it out of all the online games I’ve played over the years, I’ve probably spent more time in Middle Earth than anywhere else. If you’re a hardcore Tolkien fan there is more than enough here to keep you gripped, or even if you just kind of like the movies you’ll certainly enjoy it. Enough of my prattling on, if you want know more about the game take a look here, or just go and download it. It’s free and you won’t be disappointed.

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