Payne time 3 – Targeting and Weapons trailer | Gamerillaz

Payne time 3 – Targeting and Weapons trailer

Payne time 3 – Targeting and Weapons trailer

Maxy, Maxy Maxy – You can shave your head, you can wear Hawaiian tourist clothing, you can even get as blathered as you like on mooshine – it still doesn’t change the fact that you are a killer! Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee is a good way to describe Mr Payne’s bullet time antics as you will see adequately demonstrated in the trailer below. He is truly a one man army! I wonder does he use bullet time when eating a sandwich to prolong the pleasure? Or in the sack perhaps? Interesting thought eh… Anyhoo, with the extended release date now added (May 15th) it means that Maxy can only get ‘flyier’ and ‘stingier’, meaning some good gameplay for us players. Take your time Rockstar, we have faith in your ability and judgement on the matter – just don’t take it in bullet time – yawn!

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