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Mass Effect 3 – Kinect trailer – Chatty Chatty!

Mass Effect 3 – Kinect trailer – Chatty Chatty!

I’ve been saying it since the Kinect was still a baby called ‘Natal’ -that if developers use it right it could be great! So far it has been renegaded to that dirty corner in the room called ‘Family entertainment’ – yuk! All the cuddly games and attempted get-fit simulators (seriously – just eat less fatty – yeah!) have plagued the Kinect from day one. Even the few feeble attempts at a ‘serious’ game have failed miserably and were a credible ‘Nightmare’. Apart from the Kinect being a clever new TV remote for the Xbox it has done little for the platform from a gamers point of view. At last the sun rises on a new dawn – developers are starting to catch up with what their fan base actually wants from Kinect, an integrated experience – not a controller replacement. In the video below you can see this in action and I must say that I am looking forward to giving it a go. I think there are a lot of other and better ways to add such elements, so hopefully the developers do to – but its a start. ‘Shepard – Drop pants and bang Miranda – again!‘. Oh the possibilities. Such games like the coming Ghost Recon, and I would guess Rainbow Six, will show that they might actually star using the Kinect for the good of mankind and not for the dumbing down of gaming. About frikkin time – sheez!


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