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Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Time Travel Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Time Travel Trailer

It seems that Square Enix are will to try just about anything to add some vim and vigor to the forthcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2. We’ve already heard about the quantity of side quests, extra story and numerous towns that are being added, but now FFXIII-2 is also giving us time travel. Yeah, I know, but stay with me.

Although on the surface it all sounds a bit gimmicky, in theory this could be rather nifty with players being able to visit different areas and see how they develop over time as well as having a good old fiddle about with the timeline. Square Enix put it like this:

“Mysterious gates are positioned around the game’s towns and landscapes. Once these portals are activated by finding hidden artifacts, Serah and Noel can be transported to new, distinct locations to continue their adventure. These settings change over time so be sure to re-visit them to investigate how they’ve changed over the years.”

I’m not sure that it will be enough for the likes of me who have fallen out of love with this Japanese RPG monster over the last decade or so, but it maybe enough to entice some other curmudgeons back. See what you think.

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