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World of Darkness MMO – Development is Still Alive and Well

World of Darkness MMO – Development is Still Alive and Well

Many fans of White Wolf’s Pen and Paper epic, Vampire: The Masquerade, have been awaiting further news on an MMO based on the game which was first announced back in 2006. For awhile it looked as if this much anticipate title would remain in development hell for years or may even become vapourware, these views were bolstered last year when developers CCP announced that their main focus would be continuing to work on their flagship MMO, EVE, with the vampire title taking more of a back seat.

Of course we here in the Gamerillaz Tree-house were crushed by this news as many of us have spent our free time armed with an odd looking set of die and a character sheet over the years, but good news is afoot! In a recent interview with, the senior producer Chris McDonough talks about what we can expect to see including player interactions, server setup, inspiration for the game (including the hallowed Redemption and Bloodlines games which are still among the greatest things ever to be released on the PC) and how Pen and Paper games make for perfect MMOs.

Many thanks to those all-round good eggs at for getting this interview and putting our minds to rest. Be sure to check back here at Gamerillaz regularly for further news on the World of Darkness MMO as it arrives.

Davie Kong says:

Ohhh Yes! I would like a bit of that please!

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