Tinternet under attack from balding middle aged men! | Gamerillaz

Tinternet under attack from balding middle aged men!

Tinternet under attack from balding middle aged men!


We’re a liberal lot at GZ – in a sort of middle class, vaguely disinterested way – but when we heard the Motion Picture Association of America were once again trying to get their greasy hands on our tinternet we mobilised all our forces in support of Wikipedia, Reddit and all the other sites that are shutting down for 24 hours tomorrow as a protest. We’ve done a graphic and all!  What does it all mean? Well SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) is some draconian legislation being mooted in the states by the MPAA which enables , as CNET put it…” the U.S. attorney general to seek a court order against the targeted offshore Web site that would, in turn, be served on Internet providers in an effort to make the target virtually disappear. It’s kind of an Internet death penalty” Its not the first time the MPAA has struggled with shifting technologies and tried to lash out legally – recall their stance in 1982 regarding the rise of the humble video Cassette recorder  “the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone

Any anti-piracy leanings at GZ towers are vastly outweighed by our rabid anti-censorship policy so we stand shoulder to hairy shoulder with our human American brethren and extend a crusty middle finger in the general direction of the MPAA and its teeming hordes of lobbyists, lawyers and lackeys. We like the internet the way it is ta very much.

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